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Lisa A. Archey

Senior Community Development Consultant

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Lisa A. Archey has over 30 years of experience in development and management of community development projects and programs. Lisa’s national experience and exposure have enhanced her ability to assist and support nonprofits in attaining a standard in which to operate with a businesslike approach while increasing its ability to effectively accomplish its mission.

Most recently, Lisa completed a CDC’s housing portfolio assessment in Flint, MI with a proposed workout plan.  In Kalamazoo, MI, she completed a financial assessment of $30 million mortgage loan pool to verify a foundation’s called loan guarantee. She was appointed as Team Leader and embedded staff as the Housing Manager for the City of Detroit’s Neighborhood Stabilization Programs, (NSP). The team built capacity of staff and developers through relationship, systems,performance dashboards, and checklists to ensure increased operations and compliance capacity.

During her tenure on the East Coast, Ms Archey directed two national community development training programs: Bank of America Leadership Academy and Achieving Excellence, a joint training program with Harvard University.   These training programs consisted of a series of leadership, management and project development training courses for mature and high-producing organizations, seasoned community, social service and human development participants.  Achieving Excellence combined course work at Harvard University, executive coaching and peer support methodologies that enhanced performance and accountability of each participant

Prior to her relocating to Maryland and her tenure into training, leadership and organization development; Ms Archey served as the first local staff of LISC as a  Senior Program Director for the Indianapolis and Indiana Multi-cities programs, where her responsibilities included administrative and management oversight of each program in the five largest cities across Indiana.  During her tenure at LISC, she launched a training program to provide Project Development Program (PDP) to the emerging and established CDCs in Indianapolis.  Prior to the training, the 13 Indianapolis CDCs developed a total of 50 houses a year, with one mature CDC developing at least 35 of the total housing units.  After the PDP training coupled with LISC’s TA and pre-development funding, the CDCs increased their production by 200% over the next 18 months and begin to developing a hundred houses a year.  The CDCs also learned to collaborate on projects and submit joint funding applications through ICND. The Project Development Training Program was held in high esteem in Indianapolis by elected officials and funders alike and was considered the impetus that lead to Indianapolis being known nationally for Community Development and affordable housing.

Ms.Archey as a member of the Corporate F.A.C.T.S team and consults with LISC, HUD and foundations across the country.

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Lisa A. Mauzey joined Corporate F.A.C.T.S. in the summer of 2013.  For the past 25 years Lisa has worked in the accounting field for non-profit and for profit organizations and corporations. More >>



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